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ALBUM: DJ Givy Baby – The Gift Of Music



ALBUM DJ Givy Baby – The Gift Of Music ZIP MP3 DOWNLOAD

DJ Givy Baby has proven to be a stalwart force in the music industry, tirelessly putting in the work and maintaining a consistent output. His latest musical offering, a scintillating hit entitled “The Gift Of Music,” is currently creating substantial waves and earning widespread acclaim.

Through unwavering dedication and a keen sense of musicality, DJ Givy Baby has crafted a composition that not only showcases his technical prowess but also resonates deeply with audiences. “The Gift Of Music” stands as a testament to his ability to transcend conventional boundaries and deliver a musical experience that is both captivating and meaningful.



1. DJ Givy Baby & Makhanj – Akekho (feat. Shino Kikai)
2. DJ Givy Baby, Bassie & DeSoul – Nguwe (feat. Frank Mabeat)
3. DJ Givy Baby – Sondela (feat. Maline Aura & Dr Thulz)
4. DJ Givy Baby – Jaiva Nabo (feat. Fiso el Musica, LeeMcKrazy & Don Groovy)
5. DJ Givy Baby & Sir Trill – Gcwele nge Piano (feat. Qbic & Springle)
6. DJ Givy Baby – Wena Dali (feat. Baby S.O.N, Yumbs & Stixx)
7. DJ Givy Baby – Ang’funi Ukudakwa (feat. Sir Trill, Fiso el Musica & Blissful Sax)
8. DJ Givy Baby, Sir Trill & Dinky Kunene – Buya
9. DJ Givy Baby & Maline Aura – Moyizela (feat. Aura, Qbic & Springle)
10. DJ Givy Baby, Nkosazana Daughter & Soa Mattrix – Inhliziyo
11. DJ Givy Baby & Sir Trill – Mama (feat. Bello & Tracy)
12. DJ Givy Baby – One Day (feat. Baby S.O.N, Yumbs & Stixx)
13. DJ Givy Baby – Kancane (feat. Tracy, Bello & Philharmonic)
14. DJ Givy Baby – Oh Nkosi Yami (feat. TRA, Springle & Mydowa)
15. DJ Givy Baby – Sgodiphola (feat. Sonini, LeeMcKrazy, Springle & T&T MuziQ)
16. DJ Givy Baby – Umuhle (feat. LeeMcKrazy, Tracy, Papa Jay & T&T MuziQ)
17. DJ Givy Baby – Ama Million (feat. Sonini, Pushkin, Mydowa & Kozzi)

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