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ALBUM: Limit Nala – No Chance



ALBUM Limit Nala – No Chance ZIP MP3 DOWNLOAD

It’s a celebration of dedication and musical prowess as Limit Nala emerges with a scintillating new ALBUM titled “No Chance.” With a track record of hard work and consistency, Limit Nala has once again proven his mettle in the music industry by crafting a blazing anthem that is currently making waves and capturing the attention of music enthusiasts far and wide.

“No Chance” is a testament to Limit Nala’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries and delivering a unique sonic experience. The track is a fusion of infectious beats, compelling lyrics, and Limit Nala’s signature style, creating a musical journey that resonates with listeners on a profound level.



1. Limit Nala – Mawalawala

2. Limit Nala – Khethile Khethile

3. Limit Nala – Intatheli

4. Limit Nala – Dear Baba Umdali Ft. Kwazi Nsele || DOWNLOAD

5. Limit Nala – Hhayi Suka! Hhayi Man!

6. Limit Nala – Ubhanqiwe Wena

7. Limit Nala – Sokes’bone

8. Limit Nala – No Chance

9. Limit Nala – Basiloyile Ft. Samukelisiwe Ncwane

10. Limit Nala – Fusegi Ngempela Manje

11. Limit Nala – Udilika JeleWNLOAD

12. Limit Nala – Enle Ngokuziholela

13. Limit Nala – Ufakazi Uwena

14. Limit Nala – Eyamdoda Ayipheli

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