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ALBUM: Umjabulisi – Umshini Wamahits



ALBUM Umjabulisi – Umshini Wamahits ZIP MP3 DOWNLOAD

In a spectacular display of dedication and creative consistency, Umjabulisi has once again asserted his musical prowess with the release of a scintillating new ALBUM titled “Umshini Wamahits.” This track not only embodies Umjabulisi’s relentless work ethic but also serves as a testament to his ability to create a sonic masterpiece that is currently making significant waves in the music scene.

“Umshini Wamahits” is more than just a song; it’s a dynamic fusion of infectious beats, compelling lyrics, and the unmistakable signature style that defines Umjabulisi’s musical identity. As the waves of excitement surrounding the track continue to swell, it’s clear that “Umshini Wamahits” has become a focal point in the contemporary music landscape.



1. Umjabulisi – Ngizalwekabusha

2. Umjabulisi – Ungaman’ungibulale

3. Umjabulisi – Ngizokubhadala

4. Umjabulisi – Yebo

5. Umjabulisi – Umshini Wamahit

6. Umjabulisi – Dunudunu

7. Umjabulisi – Empty Promises

8. Umjabulisi – Ngisingle Ft. Sandar RSA

9. Umjabulisi – Shutha Mfana

10. Umjabulisi – Dedelathina

11. Umjabulisi – Bhedela Wena

12. Umjabulisi – Igoli

13. Umjabulisi – Ubusuku Bonke

14. Umjabulisi – Goodbye

15. Umjabulisi – Intomb’yomzulu

16. Umjabulisi – Hello

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