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ALBUM: Zakes Bantwini – The Star Is Reborn



ALBUM Zakes Bantwini – The Star Is Reborn ZIP MP3 DOWNLOAD

Zakes Bantwini, with a history of hard work and unwavering consistency, has once again demonstrated his musical prowess with the release of a blazing new hit. Titled “The Star Is Reborn,” this track is making significant waves, showcasing Zakes Bantwini’s commitment to delivering music that captivates and resonates with audiences.

Known for his unique style and ability to innovate within the music industry, Zakes Bantwini has crafted a song that not only reflects his artistic evolution but also brings a fresh and dynamic energy to the scene. “The Star Is Reborn” is a testament to Zakes Bantwini’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of his sound while maintaining a connection with his roots.



1. Zakes Bantwini – Abasekho

2. Zakes Bantwini ft Skye Wande – Ugesi

3. Zakes Bantwini ft Simmy – Utshwala

4. Zakes Bantwini – Dubai

5. Zakes Bantwini ft Nana Atta & Soulroots – Love Again

6. Zakes Bantwini ft Drega – Ngin’mele Nonke

7. Zakes Bantwini ft Skye Wande, Thakzin & Suffocate SA – Mama Thula

8. Zakes Bantwini ft Simmy & Drega – iParty 2.0

9. Zakes Bantwini ft Kususa – Iyangena Iyaphuma

10. Zakes Bantwini ft Karyendasoul, Da Africa Deep & Nana Atta – Abantu [Da Africa Deep Remix]

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